What the heck is Entera Tincture?! Entera is Greek for Lower Bowel. So this is a tincture to help clean the lower bowel. Why do you need to cleanse the lower bowel? Well, that's simple...because there is leftover material still in there. If you are eating processed foods or an improper diet you have weak peristaltic muscles and they aren't removing the material like they should be doing. I would explain the word but maybe to keep things clean you should look it up. Anyway...These muscles quit working or become weekend from the nasty foods we eat.

A healthy diet keeps those muscles working on their own instead of you 'pushing' all of the time to remove stuff. And over 90% of all diseases and malfunctions of the body are caused from having leftover material in the lower bowel. Most people have pounds of the old stuff stuck in the colon and its adding nasty toxins to your system...now if your like me the only thing you read was that there were 'pounds' of material stuck in there...I could lose a few pounds then huh? Hmmm.

According to my research it would take 6-9 months to clean out the system and get those muscles working properly again. And you could lose some weight in the process.... Seriously now...Take a few drops daily, if your stool is runny back off a drop or two. If its still fairly solid then take more drops...if it seems to be real soft then you are at the correct amount. You will want to take more when your body is cleansing itself, (when you realize have to go to the bathroom more), and then you should go back to the instructions previously given. It shouldn't take long before your going to the bathroom and noticing a difference and your feeling much healthier. 


Ingredients: Cascara Sagrada, Cayenne, Ginger, Golden Seal Root, Lobelia, Red Raspberry Leaves, Turkey Rhubarb, Fennell, Vodka. Coconut Oil/Vegetable Glycerin. 

Lower Bowel Cleanser- Entera Tincture

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Alcohol/Non-Alcohol Based

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