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The 5 Step Manifesting Technique 🙌

Hello Dolls and Happy Friday

You are a Mystical, Magical Bad-ass

Here's a simple 5 Step technique when you are wanting to manifest what your heart desires.

1. Focus- You want to be super specific about what you are wanting. This triggers the RAS, the brain's spam filter, It's like a Google search once you know what you are wanting then it will draw the opportunities to you that will help you.

2. Boost- Get ecstatic about your goal. This activates the amygdala a mental highlighter. You know the one our girl Erykah Badu speaks about. The amygdala is a mental highlighter, which tells the brain what's important and keeps you super motivated.

3. Release- Control Alt Delete any mental and emotional blockages. Use a releasing technique to remove internal blocks ad obstacles that can destroy your manifesting results. This also reduces cortisol stress levels. You know it's one of the reason women can have large abdomens. The frequent release of cortisol stress levels is not beneficial long term. You can use Sage and listen to a Guided Meditation as a cleanings technique. Checkout our Sage and Guided Meditation.

4. Gratitude- Feel thankful for your Blessings. This restores your happiness and well-being levels, igniting your hypothalamus and putting you in the right mindset to manifest.

5. On your March get Set and Go- Take the next small or large steps. Taking action reinforces neural pathways, through a positive feedback loop, allowing you to manifest at a quicker speed.


We now offer a Personal Mindfulness Coaching Program.

  • Learn how to remove negative blockages that are in your subconscious mind. Learn how to identify what programs you are running in your subconscious mind that's preventing you from manifesting.

  • Get customized guided meditations to reprogram yourself.

  • Weekly check-in accountability calls or video chats.

  • Two Yoni Steams.

I am sharing my secrets and techniques that I have learned, researched, studied and tested.

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