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Uterus Orgasm😊

Hi, Dolls

You know we're all things Yoni related here.

On my quest of all things Vagina, I am intrigued about how our Special Box functions and operates. I came across a very interesting video on YouTube. Taoist master Mantak Chia who's work introduce the West to the Eastern knowledge.

So he talks about Uterus Orgasm (start at 7:00 minute mark if you want to get right to it). Uterus Orgasm has been studied to reduce the chances of Breast cancer and Alzheimer's disease 😱.

So, yes we know our lover likes to hit you with the stick and move position. But honey my vagina has walls with pressure points to the organs in my body. Ladies tell your man to screw you, yes basically rotate your hips men while you are in the vagina for my ultimate orgasm.

So, how do you get a Uterus Orgasm ladies... Channel your inner Cowgirl or Megan the Stallion and ride your man. When you are on top and move front and back and then a circular motion... honey child you can get you a Uterus Orgasm and make it RAIN....


Our suggestion: Get you some Yoni Eggs.

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