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Group Lingam Steam

In today's time, it's a great benefit to have a tribe of like-minded men on a Wellness journey. Invite 3 or 4 Fellas to join you for a Lingam Steam session and enjoy the many health benefits of this ancient practice. Start by discussing the many benefits of Lingam Steaming, including improved circulation and stimulation of the reproductive organs. Explain how it can help to enhance arousal, promote blood circulation, and prostate wellness health, as well as improve overall mental clarity.  READ ABOUT PAGE FOR MORE INFO

What to Expect

Men will wear a steaming gown that covers from the neck down to trap the steam. In a private space, you’ll sit on a seat with an opening over a gently steaming pot of reverse osmosis water that has been infused with your healing blend of organic herbs. This is your time to relax and reconnect with your body and mind. The healing power of the herbal steam will also work to put you in a deep state of relaxation. Your session will last up to 30 minutes.


Service includes


Lingam Steam Steam

Guided Meditation

$75 per person