🌺Start a Yoni Steam Business

Learn how to Start and Run a Successful Yoni Steam business. We are so delighted that other Goddesses are interested in this amazing ancient treatment.


  • Do you have the passion to connect back with the Goddess within?

  • Are you looking to connect with your Tribe?

  • Yoni steaming is so much more than just mixing herbs. 

  • Learn under our guide on how to get to the root core of a client's Womb issues.

    • Design an efficient Yoni Steam Chair.

      • Learn how to market your Yoni Steam business. 

      • ​Discounted wholesale organic herbs.

      • One on one Zoom classes.

      • Onsite shadowing at our Dallas location.

        • up to 12 months of support after completion of the program. 

        • Affordable pricing .

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Start a Yoni Steam business