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Brandy Miles- Energy Healer

Brandy a modern-day Spiritual Guru and Healer of the 21st century. Clients immediately get the sensation of meeting back up with a long-time best friend again. It is Brandy's warming, nurturing and caring free spirit that makes each person feel comfortable in her presence.


Serenity V Steam was created because of Brandy's own personal experience with Womb issues. Womb Healing is one topic that is not heavenly discussed in many communities. However, at some point, your womb wants to speak to you. When and how does my womb speak to me? How do I talk back to my womb? What steps should I take to heal my womb? These are the questions that Brandy had to face. On her journey of finding answers is when she discovered the power of healing with herbs and guided meditation.


It is my passion and purpose to guide women to listening and speaking to their womb.


Brandy Miles

Dallas #1 Yoni Wellness
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