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💚It's time to take advantage of this Deal while supplies last. Must-have for your Kitty on the Go overnight Bag

🥰All for just $49 

1. 💦Edible Yoni Oil: The perfect kitty edible oil was formulated for our most precious intimate area

2.🍰 Panty Cakes:  Panty Cakes is a super unique formula created as a natural remedy for intimate irritation caused by yeast or bacteria in women. It also soothes and heals chaffing.

3. 🧼V'Yoni Feminine Wash: Our signature V'Yoni Feminine wash is made with antioxidants and antiseptic natural products. A tea tree essential oil blend provides a gentle and pH-balancing cleanse. Balance for a woman's external intimate area.


💯GET FREE V'YONI Refresher Spray : 

Anytime Freshness with our Signature V'Yoni Spray. The spray works as a toner and anti-viral component for frequent Bacterial vaginosis. Made with natural products and essential oil.

Great to use for daily use.

✅ Workout approved

✅Use after menstrual cycle externally

✅Tea tree oil has powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties that can help treat bacterial vaginosis.

🍬The Overnight Kitty Bundle

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