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Mother's Day Giveaway

Hi my V Steamers,

So who want's to be a winner? First and foremost thanks for being part of our

Yoni Tribe and supporting our vision.



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Winner will be announced on Mother's Day 5/12/2019


We are giving away a Yoni Goodie basket which includes some of our top-pick products.

  • Jade Stone Yoni Egg- Great for Kegel exercises.

  • Our Signature Menstrual tea- Balance your hormones, helps with cramping and moodiness.

  • Wine: No explanation needed.

  • Blue Sage stick- Welcomes money, wealth, abundance, health, prosperity, healing and coolness to your life.

  • Manifestation Journal. Like Erykah Badu said write it down and watch shit get real.

  • Our Meditation Candle: Charged and ready for you to set your intention. Yellow candles represents the element of air, yellow candles are recommended to heighten visualization abilities. Yellow is also the color of intelligence, confidence, and eloquence. Bring peace to your life. Yellow is a terrific color to improve balance, self-esteem, and charisma

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