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🌺 Restocked- V'Yoni Feminine Wash

🌺Hi, you cool Kats and Kittens. We are restocked on our V'Yoni Feminine wash. Restock up now and don't forget to pair it with Panty Cakes cake🎂

🌺V'Yoni Feminine Wash

🌿 Natural and Organic

✅ Made by Serenity V Steam with Love 💝

✅ Balance pH

❌ Remove Odor and Sweat

🍪 Clean, Sweet Scent

Our signature V'Yoni Feminine wash is made with antioxidants and antiseptic natural products. A blend of tea tree essential oil to provide a gentle and pH balancing cleanse. Balance for a woman's external intimate area.

Safe for everyday uses.

📌Free from dyes, parabens, and alcohol.

🍪 Sweet almond scent

🚺 Created for the body and intimate area.

🚺 Gently cleanses away the bacteria that causes odor.

🚺Cleanse after menstrual cycle approved.


Book your Vajacial and Brazilian Wax with Dyamond Princess Wax & Beauty.


🧚‍♀️Smooth and Gentle Waxing Experience

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