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😱Endometriosis Aggravation

Hi, Dolls,

Let's talk Endometriosis and why it causes aggravation during your menstrual cycle.

First what is Endometriosis: Endometriosis is the abnormal growth of endometrium-like tissue. The tissue is located inside the uterus; however it can grow in other places in the body.

Wherever the tissue is located it still goes through the same cyclical phases as the endometrium in the uterus. (noted my OBGYN Tahir Mahmood, MD) The endometrial tissue also secretes pain-producing chemicals called cytokines.

Typically the pain from Endometriosis starts before your menstrual cycle and becomes unbearable during menstruation. After,your menstrual then the pain typically goes away. Ladies may have a 2-2.5 weeks window period before it starts to build up again.

Try our V'Yoni Menstrual Herbal tea. Tea can be consumed two days before your menstrual and during.

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