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Sex Drive & Menstrual Phases 🚺

Hi Yoni Tribe on this Cozy Sunday.

Let's talk Sex Drive and how your Menstrual phases can affect you.

Changes in your sex drive has been associated with the ratio of estrogen and progesterone. You know the hormones produced in the ovaries.

An increase in estrogen can boost your libido. However increased progesterone leads to a lower sex drive,

Both hormones fluctuate at different phases of the menstrual cycle,

I have heard women say that their sex drive increases when they are on their menstrual. However specialist states that both the estrogen and progesterone are low during menstruation and a few days after. So the question I'm asking is what's going on within the woman whom states their sexual desire increases when she's on her cycle. Is its a physical, mental or lifestyle desire.

What are your thoughts? Great topic to think about.

So when is my body naturally desiring to have sex. It's during the ovulation phase we know that right. There's nothing like going to happy hour when you are ovulating lol...drinks and flirts come your way. Let's thank our Estrogen hormone for the increase because your levels increase during ovulation.

So after ovulation our desire goes down thanks to our Progesterone hormone decreasing. Well dang right. The monthly changes we go through each month.

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Happy Women's March Month

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