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Unfollow People-Self-care Tip 11

Don't you think you need a Social Media Purge.

The Law of Attraction is always matching. As we continue on our Self-Care Goal Digger journey you may want to take this time and purge. Align yourself with individuals who can inspire you to become the best version of yourself.

You may be following people who are not vibrating on your similar vibration.

Here's your Self-Care Goal Digger tip


Check Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

1.Ask yourself am I being inspired by this person.

2. Ask yourself is this person's page giving me good vibes.

3. Ask yourself is this person posting negative content.

Simple as 123... if this person only demonstrates option 3; then go ahead and unfollow or hide that person.

Remember impress something new to the subconscious mind,

Reminder: Hashtag #selfcaregoaldigger

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