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Vaginal Odor- you have your own🌺

Hi, Dolls

According to Dr. J Bitzer, every healthy woman has her own noticeable vaginal odor, even if she practices proper hygiene. So yes we all heard about eating Pineapples to make Miss Kitty sweet. However, let's dig deeper into Vaginal odor. What factors play a part in the change of your vaginal odor.

So Miss Kitty can change depending on age, physiological feature, physical activity ,and menstrual cycle phase.

Also, a day of fun romance in the bed with your lover without using a condom 😲. Penis in vagina intercourse without a condom can change your pH balance. This is because the pH balance of the vagina is 3.8-4.5 and that of sperm is 7.2-8.0. So, when you introduce your man's sperm to Miss Kitty the vaginal flora is disturbed. The same thing can happen when you are on your menstrual. Menstrual blood is slightly alkaline. This explains the metallic smell you may sometimes smell during your menstrual.

So, the question I am wondering when it comes to sperm. If you are not trying to conceive a child should you allow your partner to ejaculate in your vagina? Yes, you are a married woman or in a committed relationship or even trust your partner to not wear a condom. However, at the same time should you discuss with your partner to pull out. If you do decide to have this conversation with him then this is a perfect time to explain to him. His sperm could be putting your natural vaginal odor at risk to be off- balance.

Side note: Don't forget to have your Panty Cakes. The top pick feminine Yoni Oil Elixir.

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