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🔮 The Power of Femininity🔮


WOW, 😱 it's been an emotional week in our current Existence at this time. At the same time, I feel we are experiencing a global change. A Global change for humanity which is much needed. However, I did want to touch on the Power of Femininity at this time for the Goddesses.

This week I witnessed two ladies who have a large platform respond to the current events from their Masculine Energy instead of their Femininity.

If you have had a Yoni Steam with us then you know we are about dropping the Superwoman program that you are running 24/7. Yes, the Superwoman program has its place but should not be activated at all given times. Girl, you are releasing too much of the Cortisol hormone.

The Superwoman Program will have you thinking from your left-brain. You are being logical, direct, and trying to immediately find a solution to problems the majority of the time. Geesh when I was running off that Program 24/7; I became mentally, spiritually, and mentally tired.

So back to the two ladies that I mentioned who could have easily calmed their audience by using the Power of their Femininity. One of the ladies felt like let's get to the money that will solve the problem. The other lady just totally lacked empathy when she was being interviewed. The second lady could not focus and hear the pain from the male that she was speaking with. Wow totally gave me a flashback when I use to think from the left-brain masculine energy. You see in my opinion both ladies should have realized this is a time for me to fall back and listen. This is the time for me to not be so quick to respond without feeling the emotions. This is the time I should put my differences aside and find compassion and empathy for humanity.

This is the Power of Femininity we were gifted this Power by the Cosmos. It's our Super Power that is lying dormant in some of the Modern Day women.

So darling if you are having a problem communicating you may want to check with yourself and ask which Energy am I responding with.

Soften your voice and listen and sometimes all a person need is a hug and a smile. 😁


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