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Let's Talk Panty Liners

Hi, my V Steamers... Let's talk Panty Liners.

I came across a very interesting article over at the Peeps at FLO. If you need an app to track your Period and Ovulation then check them out.

So at some point in your life, I'm sure you have worn a Panty Liner. So if you wear them daily to stay dry then read on. According to doctors, panty liners can cause irritation and infections if they are not made of breathable material and have an impermeable bottom layer. The benefits of a breathable liner are that it reduces air circulation in the crotch area which prevents sweat evaporation and creates a moist and warm environment favorable for bacterial growth.

What to do to reduce the effects of daily use of Panty Liners Change panty liner every 4 to 6 hours.

Our recommendation: Daily use of Panty Cakes Anti- Yeast, Anti- Fungal, Anti-Bacterial All Natural Products Ooh, and you will smell like Cakes.

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