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Vaginal Scent + Sexual Arousal.

Hi V Steamers,

Let's talk Vaginal Scent and how your scent triggers Sexual arousal in your Partner.

It has been reported that our ancestors back in the day used their Vaginal Discharge as a perfume, applying it to the skin to seduce their mate.

However, we may not use that trick in today's time, but a woman's natural vaginal scent is believed to be able to arouse her partner.

Did you know it's natural during ovulation for a woman 's body to produces the maximum amount of pheromones that cause sexual desire?

During this time is when the vaginal scent is considered the most attractive according to case studies.

Hint single ladies you may want to go out during Ovulation.

So why does my body during ovulation makes the opposite sex desire me more?

This has to do with the body's biological program set to conceive during the ovulation phase.

Now before you decided to use your Vaginal Discharge as a perfume make sure your ph Balance is in order.

Yes, we do know that certain foods and products can change our ph Balance

No worry ladies we have you covered here at Serenity V Steam.

Try our Yoni Elixir from our peeps at Panty Cakes. Panty Cakes is an all natural essential oil for the Yoni.

It's anti-yeast, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

Also, a Yoni steam can helps with your ph balance.


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