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Self-Care Goal Digger

Hi V Steamers,

Join the Yoni Tribe for 21 Days of Self Care Goal Digging. We are at the 6 month mark of the year. We collectively have 6 more months to dig into our 2019 Goals. Pull out your Vision boards or journals that you created at the beginning of the year. Do a check in.... congrats for the goals that you have accomplished. Next look at what’s remaining and decide if you want to move that goal to next year. Now let’s implement a Action plan for Success for the remaining goals. Self Care is a must when you are reaching for your goals. It’s all about balance.

We want you to use the hashtag #selfcaregoaldigger for the next 21 days. Share on your social media a Self Care service or technique.

See you at the top Dolls.

Day 1 Suggestion:

Create a Yay list.

Every Night write down anything that made you say ‘Yay! during the day.

Remember hashtag #selfcaregoaldigger.

Check your email daily for daily Self Care tips. 🌸😊

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