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Self-Care Day 5 Tip🛫

We make it easier for you to go on a Self-Care Goal Digger Journey!!!


Your subconscious mind enjoys when you impress something new to it. Go on a mental visualization trip. Hit Google and look at all the destinations your heart desires to visit. When you go on this journey of mental travel make sure you are Relaxed and Comfortable. Place your phone on Do Not Disturb. Pour yourself a glass of wine or a refreshing drink. Feel yourself at your desired destination. Dolls you just took your mind to a happy place.

Remember use hashtag #selfcaregoaldigger


Looking to kick off a Girls Sunday Fun-day. Host a Mimosa Sunday Fun-day V Steam Party with your girls. You bring your girls we have Mimosa's waiting for you.

Party size 4 to 8 ladies

$60 per person

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