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Self-Care Day 6 Tip💎

We have hands- on experience with helping our Boss Babes who are on a Self-Care Journey.

Here’s your Self-Care Goal Digger tip of the Day.


Think about your goals for the next day, week, month, or even a year from now.

Create a phrase that will help you get in the right mindset and make a real change.

Once you create your Mantra then apply action to it. You can't just say I am Rich and then just sit at home. You have to put the foot work into bringing your Lifestyle that your heart desires. Here's a secret to manifesting the life your heart desires. You have to put focus to it ...I mean get dedicated to whatever your are wanting to Manifest.

As Erykah Badu stated "write shit down and watch it get Real"

Make connections. Find a networking event. Slide in someone's DM lol that you feel that you can work with.


Remember use hashtag #selfcaregoaldigger


Host a Sunday Fun-Day Mimosa V Steam Party

We will have the Mimosa's waiting for you.

Party size 4 to 8 Ladies

$60 per person

Contact us for more details

469-210-1540 or email

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