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Full-Moon Self-Care Tip 7🍏

Stimulate your Body's own healing process. Self Care Goal digging is about providing your body with the essential nutrients. As the saying goes "Your Wealth is in your Health"

Self-Care Goal Digging tip for today

Think of food in Energy Terms

Fuel up on some good Veggies, Fruits and Proteins. Fuel your body to do the things you love, like power walking, hitting the gym, yoga or riding a bike.

Drinking Alkaline water is also good when you are wanting to reach a goal.

Have a long to-do list then make sure you snack on healthy choices to push you through.


Remember use hashtag #selfcaregoaldigger

Full Moon tonight make sure you Charge your Yoni Eggs and Crystals.

Pull out your Journal to write down what your are Grateful for. Write down what you are wanting to release. Finally write down what you are wanting to Manifest for the Summer.

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