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Bath Bombs and my Yoni

Bath Bombs are they safe for my Yoni are not is the question? Bath bombs are available in most of the retail stores and women are including them as part of her self-care. So last night I was about to try one of these colorful and pleasant smelling bomb frizzes. The bomb was part of a bath set that I received so I was never interested in buying one. However last night after a long day I wanted to try it out. But then my Yoni spoke to me is this safe for me girl? I immediately stopped and decided to look at the ingredients. Yes, the ingredients where most of them you cannot pronounce are even know what they are made of.

I headed to google to search for any information about the safety of Bath bombs for my vagina. I have included the link to the article. Here are some of the keynotes from the article. I'm not telling you to not use them however if you are already dealing with vaginal dryness are a PH Balance issue then you may want to reconsider. You can thank your Vagina later.

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